Suzy Kassem

Suzy Kassem

Suzy Kassem is an Egyptian-American polymath: philosopher, civic activist, humanist, artist, and poet. As an extensive writer, her range of interests cover philosophy, politics, metaphysics, Egyptology, drama, literature, the nature of truth, and the revival of the universal brotherhood of man. Kassem preaches for convergence and against separatism. She also rejects nationalism and militarism, and promotes the ideals of world citizenship, nonviolence, the advancement of truth and justice, and building bridges instead of barriers. For her, science and medicine are incomplete without the acknowledgement of the human soul, and Nature and the human body are classrooms as divine as the universe. For over a decade, Kassem has been a champion in heralding the conscience as the only true savior of mankind — and compass for a lost humanity. She also encourages world travel as the preferred vehicle for education, and identifies form as a heavy burden to creativity, the imagination and innovation.

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