Miguel de Unamuno

Miguel de Unamuno

Miguel de Unamuno was a Spanish philosopher, essayist, novelist, poet, and playwright. Unamuno’s credo was “the man of flesh and bone”—the concrete individual with his passions, needs, hopes, and fears as the context within which human thinking and speaking occur. Unamuno was specifically concerned with the problem of faith in the modern world—”the agony of Christianity.” He concluded that the split between faith and reason, heart and head, could not be healed by reason; that modern man must remain in a paradoxical and agonizing tension between faith and doubt, his religious beliefs only passionate hopes in the teeth of skepticism.

Always centrally concerned with language, Unamuno also found that the vocabulary of love used by the actual “man of flesh and bone” simply could not be reduced to scientific categories. Even more sharply, it was the acutely personal contemplation of death as the great existential limiter of love and of life that led him to a philosophical outlook and method that concerned itself wholly with the concrete individual and with his rich vocabulary of desires and meanings, of which the language of science was only one.


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