Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese-American poet, philosopher, writer, theologian, and artist. Much of his writings deal with Christianity, especially on the topic of spiritual love and the condemnation of the corrupt Eastern churches and their clergies during his era. Yet his mysticism is a convergence of several different influences: Christianity, Islam, Sufism, Hinduism and theosophy. His themes generally comprise a rebellious attitude towards societal rules and regulations, love, and natural beauty. For Gibran, knowledge of the self is already present in the heart, which is aware of the eternal secret, but the ears desire to hear it. Trying to fathom the depths of knowledge is an impossible task, for its depths are boundless and immeasurable; this is the reason why one should avoid saying “I have found the truth.” One should instead say, “I have found a truth.”

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